In the possession of the famous blogger Paul Turota were internal Microsoft documents, dealing with various aspects of the Windows 10 activation .

Can I activate free Windows 10 key from Windows 7/8?

For now yes, but in the future, Microsoft will abandon such practices. The documents did not say when exactly that will happen.

free windows 10 activation key

As you know, in October last year, Microsoft allowed users to use the license keys from the g-7 and g-10 to activate Windows. Paul previously believed that long this state of affairs does not last long, and now got almost an official confirmation of their guesses. Now, again, this activation method still works.

Here’s what it says in the documents:



«Windows 7 license keys and 8 may continue to operate for a limited period of time after the free upgrade [to Windows 10]. ”

Microsoft explains its decision “human factor” — the first time, not all users know about this opportunity, and someone forgot to perform an installation or a clean installation. windows 10 product key 64 bit for sale , Therefore, for the sake of the safety of users (to which they were able to recover my data), and introduces specific conditions on renewal.

What if I change “iron”? Can I charge 10 to activate Windows again?
Microsoft notes that in the case of “visible” changes — for example, when replacing a motherboard is immediately activate the top will not work. In Windows, windows 10 key sale, a special 10-trablshuter utility, which deals with such problems. If it will not help you need to call Microsoft technical support and explain the situation. You definitely help!

By the way, there is an interesting detail to reactivate Windows now 10 neobzjatael’no have the same hard drive:

“You can replace it [hard drive], reinstall the system, omit entering the license key in Media Creation tool, and a link to the system motherboard with a digital license.

Can I move to another Microsoft Account (transfer to another person)?

A few months ago, Microsoft added to Windows activation 10 binding successful installation “dozens” of the Microsoft account. free Windows 10 activation, So the company wanted to help people who have successfully upgraded to Windows 10, then decided to do a “clean” installation “tens and due verification of activation in the cloud remained without a license.

The digital license is bound to a Hardware ID, but exceptionally after replacing motherboard we can use Microsoft Account as evidence that you are the owner.

Fine, but can I transfer the cheap windows 10 key license to another person?


“You can’t pass a digital license to another MS account. [Digital License] created to reactivate after replacement of a pivotal equipment rather than to transfer to another computer.

But because I have Microsoft Account implies that I am the owner of 10 copies of Windows, right?

“Think about Microsoft Account as a way to confirm the fact that the user can again install Windows 10 and not about how the license binding … buy office professional 2016 key , Is it necessary for those users who would like to update the “iron” on your computer.

If the PC is sold to another person, the new owner may register the system windows 10 professional key with your Microsoft Account.

Can I activate my free upgrade to Windows 10 after July 29?

Yes — but only if you have downloaded Windows 10 Anniversary Update until 1 August. You will be able to start and complete the installation windows 10 keygen at any time. In documents Paul States that “the deadline only applies to downloads.

I would like to upgrade from Windows 10 home to Windows 10 Pro. How to do it?

Same as before-directly through the Store Windows. The documentation states that this was the only possible way. The transition will cost $119.99.

As you know Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft, but using the latest operating system comes with certain limitations. For example, sometimes you won’t be able to use old software, product key windows 10 pro 64 bit and you’ll get This program doesn’t run on Windows 10 error, so here are few solutions how to fix this.

What to do if a Program Doesn’t Run on Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 Home Product Key + Download Link

Microsoft Windows 10 Home Product Key + Download Link

Solution 1 – Run applications as administrator

In the days of Windows XP most users used administrator accounts and most software was optimized to run in administrator mode by default. buy windows 10  product key This has changed a bit with newer versions of Windows, but if some older software isn’t running on Windows 10 you can always try running it as administrator by following these steps:

  • 1.Right click the application shortcut.
  • 2.Choose Run as administrator from the menu.

Solution 2 – Run application in compatibility mode

If your application worked in previous versions of Windows but it doesn’t run in Windows 10, you might want to try running it in compatibility mode.

  • 1.Right click the application that you’re trying to run.
  • 2.Choose Properties from the menu.
  • 3.Go to Compatibility tab.
  • 4.Check Run this program in compatibility mode for and choose operating system from the list.
  • 5.Click Apply and then OK.

We also want to mention that while in Compatibility mode you can set to run this application in administrator mode all the time.

Solution 3 – Run Program Compatibility Troubleshooter

If previous solution doesn’t work,windows 10 license key you might want to try running Program Compatibility Troubleshooter.

  • 1. Right click the application that you want to troubleshoot.
  • 2. Choose Properties and go to Compatibility tab.
  • 3. Click Run compatibility troubleshooter.
  • 4. Use the wizard to fix the compatibility issues.

Solution 4 – Download older version of .NET Framework

Windows 10 comes with .NET 4.6 Framework installed, but some applications might require older version of .NET Framework to function properly, so make sure that you visit Microsoft Download Center and download older versions of .NET Framework if the application requires it.

Solution 5 – Use virtual machine

If none of these solutions work for you, you might want to try using a virtual machine. If you’re not familiar with virtual machine, it’s a software that creates virtual hard drive on your computer, and it allows you to run other operating systems on Windows 10. windows 10 key cheap, This means that you can run Windows XP or Windows 7 on Windows 10. We have to warn you that using a virtual machine requires decent amount of your hardware power, so make sure that you have enough RAM and hard drive space to run it.

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If you don’t want to save data in Windows’ default locations, windows 10 pro product keys 2016 there are two ways you can choose new defaults. One is for non-domain joined machines, and the other uses AD.

Not every user or IT administrator wants to store data in Windows 10’s default save locations, Windows 10 Home Product Keys, but the way to redirect the default data repository depends on whether the device is domain joined or not.

The Windows operating system has long utilized libraries and user profiles to save data. When a user logs on to a Windows 10 desktop, the operating system checks to see there’s a profile for him. windows 10 pro activation key, If the user does not have a profile, the OS creates one. By default, user-specific application settings are stored in the user’s profile. His data is also stored in libraries in the profile. The libraries have changed considerably over the years, but some of the better known ones include Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos.

For non-domain joined devices, the best option to change the default save location is to move the libraries. To do so, open File Explorer, right click on the library that you want to move and select the Properties command from the shortcut menu. When the properties sheet for the library is displayed, cheap windows 10 pro key , select the Location tab. This tab shows the library’s current location. To move the library, simply type a new location and click the Move button.

It is worth noting that although you can technically store almost any type of data in any of the libraries, they are optimized for specific data types. The Pictures library for instance, cheap windows 10 product key is optimized for storing photographs. The optimization affects the fields that are displayed for each file that is listed within the library — in Detail view. The Pictures library includes a Tags column, and the Video library contains a Length column. When you move a document library, it is possible for it to lose its optimization. You can reestablish this optimization on the Customize tab of the library’s properties sheet.

Windows 10 Pro - 32/64 Bit ( Product Key + Download )

Windows 10 Pro – 32/64 Bit ( Product Key + Download )

In domain environments,windows 10 upgrade product key  the easiest way to change the default save location is through roaming profiles and folder redirection. These Active Directory-level techniques redirect the user’s profile and libraries to a centralized network location. This allows a user’s library to follow the user from PC to PC, and it makes it easier to back up the profile and library contents.

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